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7 Feng Shui Bedroom Design Ideas to Try This Weekend

Creating a feng shui bedroom may be a mysterious and ancient approach to decorating, but it’s actually an intuitive and intentional use of space. “Feng shui is all about enhancing your environment, making it as optimal as possible for your own performance in the various aspects of your life,” says Cliff Tan, TikTok influencer and author of Feng Shui Modern. Today, we’re showing you 7 feng shui bedroom design ideas you may want to try this weekend to get rid of negative energy in your life!




01. Anchor Your Bed

Photo: Thomas Loof

Since the bed is the most important element in the room, you’ll want to situate it in the command position—that is, a place where you can see the door (but aren’t in the direct line of it), with a solid wall behind it. Another feng shui bedroom tip is to make sure that your bed is anchored by a headboard, advises Anjie Cho, interior architect and feng shui designer in New York. “A headboard represents stability. You want a headboard that is solid without any perforations, like bars, which could represent imprisonment—in a relationship or with yourself.”


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02. Declutter the Nightstand and Drawers


Minelli bed with Hoppman side tables and Minelli Bench by Essential Home


“Clutter disrupts the energy of [a] space by blocking the flow,” says Jill Croka, founder of Jill Croka Designs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “It [can] lead to stagnation, holding you back and keeping you from progress in life.” That’s why it’s important to clear away any unnecessary untidiness. Croka, who has a background in healing design, also suggest you free space in drawers as well as table tops.


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03. Create Symmetry

Photo: Adam Murphy Photography

Symmetry promotes balance and harmonious energy, according to Croka, and it is paralleled with the use of pairs, such as two sconces on either side of the bed or near the two nightstands. “When not possible to have pairs in the bedroom, use other elements—such as text, shape, or color—to create balance or intentional asymmetry,” Croka says.

04. Opt For Peaceful Colors

Minelli Bed with Hoppman side table and Minelli bookcase by Essential Home


Cho likes colors and patterns that promote restfulness as opposed to bolder and more stimulating designs that can be disruptive to the sleep space. Neutrals and pale greens and blues are healing tones while pale yellows can bring in the grounding earth element. “Purples can bring in more elegance and prosperity and self-confidence, and pink or peach can bring in softness,” she says.


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5. Incorporate Horizontal Lines

Photo: Scott Frances

The earth element represents stability and nurturing. “[It] is like Mother Earth, always there to support you,” Cho says. One way to bring a sense of stability and calm to your room is to use horizontal lines. This could be in the form of stripes or a square- or rectangular-shaped rug. Even artwork—positioned in landscape mode versus portrait—can have a soothing effect.






06. Keep Tech Out


Minelli bed and nighstand with Minelli armchair and Shirley Mirror by Essential Home


Avoid charged items such as a television, computers, and smartphones in the bedroom. Instead, Tan suggests choosing analog gadgets over modern conveniences, such as a hot water bottle rather than an electric blanket to stay warm. “Electronics, in nature, are things that create artificial energy in an environment that wouldn’t exist naturally otherwise,” Tan says.


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07. Create Zones


Zelda Daybed with Botti side table and Diamond big mirror by Essential Home


For those lucky to have a large bedroom, the space may feel nice to look at, but may be overwhelming to occupy. If your room is too big, you should consider creating zones. Use rugs to anchor each area, such as the space for sleeping, sitting, and relaxing. “Large spaces have lots of energy and movement, think of an airport terminal or shopping mall, making it difficult to find an anchor,” Tan says.


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