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Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects

Interer Architects

Interer Architects took its first steps back in 2014. With more than 150 design projects for apartments and houses have been made under their leadership, 14 projects have become nominees for international competitions. CovetED had the chance of interviewing the bureau, and is here to let you know all about it!


Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects


“Most of all in our work we like to communicate with customers. They are all completely different, which allows us to create exclusive individual сооl projects!”, said the designer. 

Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects

One of the most challenging times the studio faced,  was the pandemic, “Thanks to the fact that we have great remote work, we were able to create many new projects, especially houses, and also significantly expanded the team.”, they said.


“There is no limit to perfection! Desires appear, increase and we always go only forward, grow and constantly develop. You cannot stop in our profession, you need to keep up with the times, study new trends, new designers and so on.”


Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects

The designers are friendly, tactful, and understandable with their customers. They always try to communicate with the clients as a friend in order to respect and to create an open and honest dialogue “Оne team – оne goal!!!”, they said.

Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects

Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects

At the moment the studio is working and developing an incredible project for a villa in the south of France far from Monaco.


“We are delighted with the communication with the Customers, with the style, with the atmosphere of the place itself, from the mentality of people. This is a completely different atmosphere, warm climate, gorgeous views from the windows. In addition, wonderful contractors from Italy, whom we love very much, are very close)”, the designers said.

Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects


Exclusive Interview With Interer Architects

Their clients are the most creative ones, and for that, the designers become more inventive. Most part of their clients are young families who love and want to enjoy life some of them own their own business, some often travel the world, some are popular on Instagram, and some are actively involved in creativity.


“The main thing is that they value comfort and quality. Home is their harmony and unification of the whole family!”, they said. 

“We would like clients to trust the designer more! In the future, people will finally treat design as a cool process and enjoy it. And implementation, the repair will always be a joy! We will use more natural materials and get closer to nature.”



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