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Discover The Amazing Work Of Masquespacio In Casa Decor


Masquespacio’s design duo exhibited their amazing work in the last edition of Casa Decor, and today we’ll explore the amazing project called “A Look to the Future from the Past”!

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Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy founded in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse. Combining the 2 disciplines of their founders, interior design and marketing, the Spanish design agency creates custom-made branding and interior projects through a unique approach that results in fresh and innovative concepts.

The design duo exhibited for the first time at Casa Decor, and they shared what they loved the most about the entire experience, “as the best memory the camaraderie between the different interior designers and designers. Each one presents their own style which makes the event very eclectic and diverse, also with a spirit of sharing and getting to know other people in the sector that you may have been following for many years, but that you do not know in person.”

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“We were clear from the beginning that we would like to show that a commercial product such as ceramics could (…) So we decided to create a living room in which a tribute to ceramics is made, using it not only for walls and ceilings, but also for a series of pieces of furniture. With a touch of velvet and plants, we could also give it a warmer and more sophisticated touch.”


Masquespacio exhibited a space for Roca Tile in Casa Decor to pay tribute to ceramics and its features in interior design and decoration, with a nod to contemporary Greco-Roman architecture and to surrealist fantasies that give us a feeling of timelessness.

The space called “A Look to the Future from the Past”, explored the new ways that, thanks to Roca technology, it is possible to adapt ceramics to any use, including symbolic furnishings that “observe” us and details of organic vegetation, in counterpoint to the floor and wall coverings, to form an environment made unique by its composition and lighting.

The elegance of the twisting waters of polished marble, its light-enhancing effects and reflectivity are reproduced in porcelain, in wider color ranges than those of the natural stone itself, with luminous finishes, such as the indigo and cobalt of Marble Nouveau and the white with ochre crisscrossed streaks of Marble Parana.

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“Greco-Roman inspiration can be seen in the space, but brought into the future and a touch of surreal fantasy. Later on the space, we have finished calling it a ‘ceramic dream’ and a space that is as if it were a mood board of Roca Tile materials.

“In the case of the exhibition at Casa Decor, we must bear in mind that Roca has a commitment to the environment that includes rigorous continuous improvement programs and sustainable criteria in all phases of its production process, with measures in accordance with the circular economy to decrease the impact on the environment, reduce the consumption of materials and reuse natural resources.”

Casa Decor was not only a witness, but above all, an active participant in the great evolution that interior design and design has undergone in Spain, by highlighting and giving importance to these disciplines, and showing the public the need to live in an aesthetic, functional, healthy and sustainable environment.

Sustainability is one of the big trends in interior design, and for all that, the famous duo couldn’t do a project thinking about the world, and the environment, so the project uses products that “have an artisanal process and as a consequence they use production techniques by hand which automatically is less polluting” they said.

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