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Colombian Fashion Designer Creates Unique Interior Decoration

Do you want to see what Johanna Ortiz unique interior decoration that she designed vacation home? Are you a design and fashion lover? So you must check it out. What many people don’t know it that the love for fashion emerged from her passion for interior decor, so every fabric, every color or pattern she uses in her creations, is based on something that she saw on a room decor that she liked.

Colombian Fashion Designer Creates Unique Interior Decoration

You probably recognized her name because of the fashion world, but this article is not about that. I am going to present to you the unique interior decoration project made by one fashion icon: Johanna Ortiz. As you can see, the fashion designer didn’t lose her identity brand. Yes, the interior decoration of her summer house was inspired in bold patterns, something loved by Johanna, that gives to the house a luxury design.

Colombian Fashion Designer Creates Unique Interior Decoration

As we enter the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, we can find similar things, and what I mean about things, its, of course, the pattern. This time,  the fashion designer didn’t go for the floral theme, however, she bet in a strong pattern with bright colors. The main bedroom was based in antique handpainted tiles, in blue shades. The guest room stands out for the dominance of red and unique headboard, that is, as we can see it, inspired in a l’oeil bamboo theme.

Colombian Fashion Designer Creates Unique Interior DecorationColombian Fashion Designer Creates Unique Interior DecorationAs we step out of the bedrooms and enter the saloon, we can see some huge differences and bold choices. Here, the first thing we see is a hand-painted palm-landscape, by Eloin Rivera, that was inspired in the local botany. The unique decor was bought in stores from different countries, from Spain to Vietnam.

Colombian Fashion Designer Creates Unique Interior DecorationOn the way out, we step into the house hall. Before going home, we can see a combination of some decoration inspired by the history and traditions of Cartagena, with a strong floor pattern. The custom-made chandelier has 16th-century French crystals, and all the artwork was made by Miguel Böhmer.

As we can see this interior design project is all about the little details. So when if decide to remodel a room or even your entire home, remember that the secret to incredible home decoration is all about the unique details, no matter how small they are.

Source: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/house-interiors/a22666452/johanna-ortiz-colombian-home/


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