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Architectural Digest Unvailed The First Photos Of Louis Vuitton’s Show

Architectural Digest Unvailed The First Photos Of Louis Vuitton’s Show –  The new fashion collection by the luxury brands were showcased in the modern JFK airport, one of the country’s architectural treasures. From outstanding interior design to an incredible fashion collection, discover more about this inspiring fashion show here!


The TWA flight center is one of the most iconic terminals at the JFK airport and just served as the perfect backdrop for presenting Louis Vuitton‘s incredible 2020 cruise collection. The luxury brand‘s artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière, teamed up with Es Devlin to transform this iconic place into a paradisiac plant-filled fashion runway. The Architectural Digest magazine just reveal the fashion show photos and unveiled some interesting facts about the design project for the terminal’s interior design! Recently renovated, the TWA flight center will reopen to the public on May 15 as the lobby of the airport’s first landmark hotel.

Architectural Digest Showcased The Louis Vuitton 2020 Cruise Runway

The latest fashion collection by Louis Vuitton was presented in one of the most iconic places of the New York City JFK Airport and the Architectural Digest magazine just revealed the incredible photos from the show! The TWA Flight Center designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962 was recently renovated by Beyer Blinder Belle and Lubrano Ciavarra Architects.

Architectural Digest Unvailed The First Photos Of Louis Vuitton's Show

The Louis Vuitton 2020 Cruis fashion show was the first event hosted by the TWA flight center after its major renovation. The classic chili pepper red carpet was the perfect background to highlight the stunning 2020 cruise collection created by the luxury brand. The all couture environment was created by the brand’s artistic director and artist, Es Devlin, who turned the space into an exquisite plant-filled oasis.

Architectural Digest Unvailed The First Photos Of Louis Vuitton's Show

For the show’s decor, the artistic duo adds some natural vegetation (that call this year biophilia trend) surrounding the windows and walls so that the guests could be transported to the jet age-style jungle right in the middle of New York City. This beautiful scenery was the perfect match to the bold fashion collection that features some sophisticated prints, unique embroideries, and dazzling brocades, recalling the city’s amazing buildings and streetscapes.

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Architectural Digest Unvailed The First Photos Of Louis Vuitton's Show

“I was lucky enough to have landed at the TWA flight center in the late nineties, it was something I could never forget. this place was forgotten for twenty years and now has come back to life. it’s like a sanctuary that’s been revived and seeing it enchant anew in a different iteration, as a hotel, is a great pleasure. it’s about rediscovering of an uncommon place that yet is a part of American heritage”, explained Nicolas Ghesquière, artistic directo of Louis Vuitton.

Architectural Digest Unvailed The First Photos Of Louis Vuitton's Show

After the big success of Louis Vuitton‘s 2019 cruise show at the Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul-de-Vence (which is a modern art museum in France), the brand’s artistic director, who loves mid-century modern venues, thought that the TWA flight center was the perfect place to present the new collection. According to the Architectural Digest team, this JFK flight center is returning to the spotlight and return to its glory days!

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