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Alto Magazine top 5 French châteaux

Living in a French Château is not for everyone. As you might have read HERE (Pierre Yovanovitch’s 17th century château) owning one can be quite tricky. If your dreamy French château has some kind of structural damages you will spend a lot of money fixing it. Just like happened to interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch.

But you don’t have to own one of these iconic buildings to appreciate them. Today, Interior Design magazines will present to you the Alto Magazinetop 5 French châteaux.

Get ready to discover charming châteaux, exotic places, beautiful landscapes and to get in touch with the French nobility.

Alto Magazine top 5 French Châteaux

Château du Grand-Lucé

The  Château du Grand-Lucé was built between 1760 and 1764 and is owned by renowned interior designer Timothy Corrigan. The designer has published a book detailing the renovations of his French château. The best part? It’s available for rent!

"Alto Magazine top 5 French Chateaux"Timothy Corrigan’s French château 

Château Bouffémont

Located just outside Paris, the Château Bouffémont was built around 1860. This fantastic and charming château is now a venue for events and parties. Like the  Château du Grand-Lucé it’s also available for rent.

"Alto Magazine top 5 French Chateaux"Château Bouffémont

Château du Taureau

The château du Taureau’s construction dates back to the 18th century. Its present owners spent six years renovating the building. It’s really not that easy and cheap to have your own French nobility château!

"Alto Magazine top 5 French Chateaux"Château du Taureau

Le Preverger

From April you will be able to rent this great looking château that once belonged to designer Laura Ashley and french actress Jeanne Moreau.  The interiors were renovated recently by Nicky Haslam.

"Alto Magazine top 5 French Chateaux"Le Preverger

Perigordine Château

The Perigordine Château is one of those place were you will be sent back to the past- This mysterious château has underground tunnels that remind us of the medieval era. It’s a charming and mystrrious place located in the south of France.

"Alto Magazine top 5 French Chateaux"Perigordine Château

This is Alto Magazine top 5 French châteaux. These kind of properties can take us back to the past. Their charm and mystery create an appeal that’s hard to resist. That must be why great interior designers like Pierre Yovanovitch and Timothy Corrigan own a French château.

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Source: Alto Magazine

Images: Alto Magazine, GQ, Elite Traveler, Architectural Digest

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