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All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III) – This is a distinguished design competition, sponsored by Covet House and the Brhands Foundation, with the mission to modernize the craftsmanship art and stimulate the creativity of the worldwide professionals.


Do you think that you have an interior design project that fits in the goal of the Covet Awards? You can still apply until the 15th of December of 2018.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)

The Royal Residence project, created by the interior designer Aung Naing Linnwas for a young family with a luxury lifestyle, who follows the latest fashion design trends. The 229 sqm house is located in the center of the city of Yangon, Myanmar.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)The living room and the dining room were built on an open space concept, a trend that we can see in many modern homes. The interior decor was all based on the golden details that we can see on the coffee table, on the wall mirror, or on the ceiling chandelier.

In the dining room area, the interior designer decided to incorporate and combine different patterns. I mean, the onyx wall designed in warm colors, was matched with an elongated ceiling pattern, creating multiple layers of texture on the room.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)The bedrooms were designed with the goal to take advantage of the natural light during the day. The frameless elevated master beds make the room looks bigger then it actually is.

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Pepe Calderin, founder of Pepe Calderin Design, is in the interior design market for about 20 years. The design project is a 3 800 sqm residence is located on the upper east side in New York City. Everything was thought and planed until the last detail to make sure that the project corresponded with what the client wanted.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)Rich colors shades, like maroons and deep blues, were incorporated in the modern style decor of the house. The interior designer wanted to capture the owner’s personality and transmit it to the house decor.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)The starting for this design project was to highlight the artwork that was placed around the house. The challenge relied on incorporating that rock and roll touch that the client wanted, without messing around or overshadowing the art masterpieces.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part III)The client also has a passion for boats so the interior designer wanted to incorporate a few nautical elements throughout the apartment as you can see in the picture.

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