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Annual Sale Covet Collection Annual Sale Covet Collection

Top 7 Most Comfortable Sofas

Top 7 most Comfortable Sofas are here! Choosing the perfect sofa for your home requires some analysis and thought. The decoration of your home must be just one story, where every furniture…

Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need

Looking for a modern modular sofa? Look no further – Capuchin is here! Modular sofas are one of the most notable comebacks when it comes to creating the perfect living room and yes, the sofa is back as the focal point…

Comfort Luxury Master Bathroom By Brachia Yasser

Comfort Luxury Master Bathroom is here! Set directly over the skyline, Caffe Latte and Covet House‘s new project, designed by Brachia Yasser, contemplates the versatility and ability of both brands to provide maximum comfort and well-being, combined with grandeur and ostentation. Ready…

Joris Poggioli: The Form, The Matter And Everything In Between

Since 2017, Joris Poggioli imagines his very own, sculptural furniture collections, giving privilege to the form and highlighting the power of the matter. Architect and interior designer, Joris Poggioli’s main inspirations come from his French-Italian roots. The French elegance and sophistication resonate with the Italian subtlety and eccentricity, creating…

Outstanding Clean Modern Dining Area

In this sophisticated modern dining area, we have a combination of neutral tones with gold details that really make this design stand out from others, as well as the pieces go along beautifully. Come and discover this…

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