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8 Essentials for your bedroom by Elle Décor

One day someone told me that our room is the mirror of our life. Perhaps it is a start very profound comparing to the topic I´ll share with you today but in fact our room is a quiet place where we can be without worries.

Reading Elle Décor I discovered lovely tips that I found very important to turn our room in a perfect place.

A comfortable rug

What becomes the time of jump of the bed very uncomfortable (especially in the cold winter) is the touch of our feet in a cold, hard floor. This suggestion is one of my favorite because a rug not only completes the look of your room but is a huge favor that we give to ourselves.

Comfortable Rug

A theme

I know that this can be a bit difficult to imagine specially if you already had decorated the entire room and you never thought about it but perhaps if you look closely it’s possible to discover one piece or even a picture that reminds you something that can take you to a calm and serene memory that can perfectly be associated with a theme.

A Theme

The right amount of pillows

The perfect amount can be around 1 to 6 pieces it will depend of the size of your bed, what matters is that your bed need to look luxurious but not in a way that before going to sleep you need to separate a time taking them off

Right Pillows


A place to sit

Your room is not only made for sleeping, there are plenty things can be done in the bedroom, talking with your partner, reading a book or even receiving a friend that´s why having a place to sit that´s not the bed is an impeccable idea

A place to sit

No to tech

Nowadays we spend our times connected with web, cellphones, computers and bringing all of these to the bed isn’t good for our mentally health. In case you are a tech fan my suggestion is try not have the T.V in your room, you´ll rest more for sure.

No Tech

 A collection of things you love

For me is really important to be surround with things that make me happy, specially on days that I feel more stress I found it important to have in our rooms nice pieces that can transport us to happy memories to bust our humor and to reminds us that life have more meaning.

Things you love

Well-Stocked nightstands

This Elle Décor tip I personally feel related because before I go to sleep I make sure I have everything I need to have quiet night. I always have water, my book and a lamp. Like Elle Décor mention is essentially a kit for pre, post and interrupted sleep comfort.


Ecletic Bedrooms

 A great mattress

Elle Décor is right you can have everything we talked about but if you don’t have the perfect match mattress your room will be incomplete, it is really important to take our time to select a nice and beautiful mattress


Nice Mattress

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

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