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6 Bedroom Essentials for this Summer

Interior Design Magazines brings you 6 Bedroom Essentials for this Summer because we know that some nights can be very trying and oven-hot!


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Like clockwork, summer’s here. And with it comes that blazing, scalding, and scorching weather we spend all year yearning for. Did I mention it’s really, really hot? Maybe not everywhere, sure, but this post goes to all of those who can barely lay in bed at night without sighing out of frustration and sweat. It is the best of times, during the day that is. It is the worst of times, at night it seems. But, let’s us explore some solutions that will make your bedroom colder, cooler, and classier than it already is. Well, some of them might not help you fall asleep at all, but we hope that at least they make you smile while trying to do so. Lets us start with the most obvious of bedroom essentials.

1 – The right sheets

6 Bedroom Essentials for this Summer

Overlooked to oblivion and beyond, the right pair of sheets will most surely improve the quality of your bedtime and make your nights go smoother. Try to look for sheets made out of natural materials, because of their “breathing” qualities (natural materials are the most breathable, so that will be a good rule of thumb for everything), and are one of the most important bedroom essentials you can own. The best quality sheets money can buy are made from Egyptian cotton, in case you’re wondering. And yes, forgo your duvet, everyone likes to sleep cozy and all, but you’ll suffer.

2 – Blackout Curtains

6 Bedroom Essentials for this SummerBlackout curtains might just save you from undersleeping, oversleeping’s lesser known brother. These curtains not only reduce extra light in the early hours of the morn, as well as reducing the heat inherent to those scorching UV rays, keeping your room cooler, but can also reduce noise, which will undoubtadly make it one of your bedroom essentials in the long run. Generally, the most affordable and normal ones only reduce the heat and light that comes through your windows, but if you want an even bigger bang for your buck, try to find a pair (or single, depends on your abode!) that reduces noise. That little extra hour or two you during the holidays will surely feel like your on top of a cloud.

3 – A cooling Mattress

6 Bedroom Essentials for this SummerEveryone has a mattress of sorts. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are a plethora of mattresses specifically made so that the sleepy head can have the best comfortable night (or a quick nap, whatever fits you best!) possible, making it a really important bedroom essentials. There are gel-foam mattresses, which stay cool throughout the night and are generally softer than the norm, there are hybrid mattresses, composed of memory foam & transition foam, there’s even copper infused mattress if you don’t mind shelling some extra bucks to get the most of your nights.

4 – The right pair of pajamas

6 Bedroom Essentials for this SummerSure, up until now nothing’s been too unusual or mindblowing. The thing is, without the expenses of an air conditioner, solutions to keep your room cool, and your night the smoothest it can be, come down to things you mostly already own. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a room or a bed. You might not have a window, though. But people often forget that the simplest things often bring the easiest solutions and the quickest way in which to enhance your life in those desert-hot days. As with the sheets, try to find a pair of pajamas you feel comfortable on, and made out of natural materials. You can always try to dispense the pajamas and find another solution… but the right pajamas are and will always be a bedroom essential!

5 – A fan?

6 Bedroom Essentials for this SummerA fan you say. How obvious, why am I reading this? And so on, and so on… At least one of these went through your head. But trust me, fans are often discarded because most of the time people don’t want to expend too much money to try one out, and end up buying the cheapest one. The results? It doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary, and your significant other’s breath produces more cold air than that excuse of a fan. But next time you’re out shopping for efficient ways to cool your room, try to consider a decent fan, and you’ll see just how big of a bedroom essential it is. It doesn’t need to that expensive, but up the ceiling on your fan-budget and at least try a decent one. It won’t be as efficient as an air conditioner, but it’ll help!

6 – A significant other

This one is more like an extra than anything else, but having someone to go through the hardships of those exceedingly hot nights is a major plus. Those pillow-talks, caresses, kisses or just having someone with whom to badmouth all the heat will make the night just a little more bearable, and make it one the most important bedroom essentials!

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