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100 Luxury Kids’ Rooms: Discover The New Circu Magical Inspirations Book!

Circu Magical Furniture just launch a new Inspirations Book with the best 100 Luxury Kids’ Rooms! With a magical and wonderful modern design, the inspirations that you will find in this book will melt your heart! Join us on this magical trip!


Circu Magical Furniture


Ebook top +100



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Bedrooms: Magical Furniture


white castle bed in a magical bedroom


Home is where the heart is. For kids, their bedroom is where their heart is set and where they feel most at home and safe. With that in mind, Circu works very hard to bring to life the most dreamy and luxury kids’ room where imagination is the keyword. Whether kids are passionate about the sky or a fairytale forest, we make every dream come true and are not afraid of a good challenge. We are very proud to be a part of some amazing projects and for giving life to little ones’ biggest dreams.


safari themed kids bedroom with a brown bed


yellow and brown bedroom


An undersea adventure by bymura


pink kids bedroom doll house


Nature Wonders


brown tent in a kids bedroom


BID rooms inspiration


Nature amazes anyone who is capable of appreciating the little things in life. The sound, the smell, and the elements are a big source of inspiration for Circu Magical Furniture to create luxury kids’ rooms in wonder to be able to bring to life the dreams of the little wonders of nature. Kids love the outdoor and Circu makes it possible to bring the best of the outdoor world to the indoors.


green kids bedroom


blue and beige kids bedroom with blue puffs


bunny bed in a brown kids bedroom




The Future is Magical


pink and blue kids bedroom


Is not by chance that the word magic is a part of our brand’s name. We include a bit of magic in every piece and project we make. Our pieces are handmade through the art of craftsmanship and we try to incorporate a futuristic design into them. The future is magical because your future design projects will have Circu Magical Furniture. Whether it’s a luxury kids’ room inspired by the wonders of space or traveling through an air balloon, we got you covered.



light green and blue kids bedroom


CandyLand PlayRoom - Exclusive Project With Asmaa Tarek


All Over The World


blue train bed kids bedroom


We are not afraid to go big. With that in mind, we have made some incredible partnerships that allow us to go even further and bring our pieces to different parts of the world to inspire others and to show that is possible to dream and to bring it to life. Our Orient Express Bed is the living proof of the power of when design and magic are put together to create a luxury kids’ room. Will you be a part of our next journey?


bed inspired designed in a van


kids airplane bedroom


Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


magical balloon blue room

Playrooms: Magical Furniture


street trematic van


house of boca do lobo hong kong


What do kids love to do the most? Play. Circu Magical Furniture made its mission to create one-of-a-kind kids’ playrooms where kids could play and learn at the same time. The result? Incredible luxury kids’ rooms, filled with magical pieces that provide the right amount of fun, style, and storage. We create indoor amusement parks where even the adult will have fun at. Who is ready to play?


dark green and beige rug kids bedroom


pink small sofa kids room


beige sofa in a kids blue bedroom




Indoor Fun


light pink rug in a kids bedroom


Kids love to play outdoors. With that in mind, we created amazing pieces that were inspired by nature, new Seasons, and kids’ favorite friends: the animals. With Circu, is possible to bring the best of the outdoor to the indoor of your home and keep the kids entertained in their luxury kids’ room, during any season, while they learn new things every day.


colorful kids bedroom


light green and yellow kids bedroom


light blue and white kids bedroom




Study Areas: Magical Furniture



light green kids bedroom


white chair and table in a pink wall kids bedroom


If adults can have a home office, so can the kids’. Learning is as important as having fun. With Circu Magical Furniture, kids can now do both things at the same time in their luxury kids’ rooms. Who said learning and doing homework is no fun? We have created some cool and modern study areas that are completed by some of our magical pieces such as our dream desk and a very cool airplane desk. Homework is going to get more fun.


space themed kids bedroom


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