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Fresh tips to renovate your room from Country Living

Today I made a selection of the best Country Living tips on how to decorate a bedroom. There are so many great ideas to create the perfect environment, when we think about rooms we immediately associate it with comfort, relaxation it has to be a place that gives you the peace of mind you need to have the perfect rest.

People say that your room can be a reflection of your personality that´s why there are a variety of small details that can make the entire difference and can adapt for each type of person.

Mix patterns:

A perfect touch for you room can be a mix of patterns, Country Living advice is to maintain the one color scheme but mix it up with patterns balancing large-scale prints (like the floral and check) with small ones (like the plaid and block print).

Bed Patterns

Original drawers

From a selection of your favorite fabric line nightstand drawers with paper photocopies of the pattern. Measure drawers and cut shapes, then secure with double-sided tape.

Original Drawers

Bold Wall:

Another great idea to decorate your room is to select your favorite color and paint it in only one wall, the perfect combination is to have the entire room in white and this bold wall will give the perfect balance to a dream room décor.

Bold Wall

Earthy Touches:

Nothing makes us relax more than nature, the breeze of the sea, the calm of the countryside it makes us feel more unwind and free, so why not get inspired by nature and decorate your room in green, blue, beige tones? From a great selection of colors you can find the perfect match

Earthy Touches

Go white

We already have talked about blending colors, go green and blue but one of the most magical experiences is the all-white room. Therefore it is a great option, it gives a cozy nice environment, and it is related with peace of mind and can turn your room in a beautiful place.

Go White

I hope you have enjoyed this article!!!

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