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Everything about next year interior design trends

Excited to check next year’s interior design trends? Check out here what remains intact and what goes away in interior decor, and enter 2019 with the right foot!


Prepare yourself to learn more about what to expect for next year interior design trends! Nowadays composing a living ambiance with trendy and aesthetic materials that can be recycled and used repeatedly, isn’t so simple anymore.

Everything about next year interior design trendsToday the eco-friendly materials aren’t just a preference, but it’s also becoming a responsibility. Furntunaly, it is possible to satisfy the two human desires – the aspiration for artistic, luxurious and stylish expression and the admiration towards nature and organic tactile sensations.

Everything about next year interior design trends

The trend for rich and luxury expression is obvious when it comes to the soft sofas, armchairs, and ottomans. Big, soft, velvety and rounded shapes sitting arrangements are a keeper for next year… The interior designers usually combine them with marble cladding and surfaces, glass structures and furniture and aristocratic colored-metals: brass, copper, silver or golden shine.

Everything about next year interior design trends

The traditional organic materials don’t lose their value: wood, glass, stone are still an excellent choice for the interior designers. The innovation here comes from the strength and durability of the materials. For example, in these days glass is so durable that entire furniture’s are created by it, or it’s used as a stable base for heavy marble tops. You will also find terrazzo or terracotta elements in 2019 interior design projects.

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Everything about next year interior design trendsThe retro trend it’s definitely a keeper. Let’s face it, people want to recover that vintage style into their interior decor. Strong colors and bold patterns are very characteristic of this specific style. One important piece of advice: keep the balance and harmony of the room in your mind!

Combining bold colors in retro tones with custom-made furniture, created with eccentric materials, it is something that we will see again. Vintage pieces of furniture: some previously owned, some custom made by the architects (like kitchen brass laminate and lacquered wood cabinets) compose an ambiance of unique charm and undoubted value.

Everything about next year interior design trendsAbout the color shade that is going to be on top of the color scheme, I present to you, the winner: Nightwatch green. This moodier alternative to hunter and bottle green makes for a nice alternative to today’s on-trend matte black and looks great on high-end decor. But if this color on the room walls is too much, you might consider small yet impactful ways to bring the color in, like vibrant textile, or a deep green rug set against a luminous floor.

Everything about next year interior design trendsBold prints, whether they are symmetrical ou tribal-inspired, are going to remain in the top interior design projects. What makes them feel so right until now and considering the perspectives of 2019 interior design trends, is the warmth, familiarity, and offset pattern that can easily be since the most minimal of rooms, to the big luxury decor.


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