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All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV)

All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV) – This design competition, organized by the Covet Group, is all about showing off the interior design projects that celebrate craftsmanship and exquisite design. Ready for two more projects? Then just keep scrolling down!

Coveted Issuu

The Covet Awards contestants‘ list isn’t over yet… There is plenty more interior design projects to see! Also, remember that you can still apply with your own design until December 15!

Clifton Property

All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV)

Created almost 25 years ago, Olala Interiors is a multidisciplinary decor and design studio focuses on modern manufacturing division, capturing the customer personality, creating approachable spaces with modern living areas. The work of Olala Interiors is recognized from the Indian and Atlantic ocean to the interior of vast South Africa.

All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV)

The head interior design of this project was Schané Anderson  (Interior Designer, Creative and CEO of Olala Interiors). The 623m2 house has four stores, five bedrooms, 3,9 m-high ceilings with bare white walls and panoramic views from the Twelve Apostles to Clifton’s beaches.

All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV)

This family home design was taught through on two main concepts (comfort and functionality). All of the decorated rooms were created with a combination of local rising African Artist’s canvasses with established and European designer pieces.

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ASYA Sales Gallery

All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV)

This modern design project was created by the design duo from the Ptang Studio Limited, created in 1997 by a duo of interior designers. Located in Jakarta (Indonesia) the ASYA Sales Gallery project has multiple architectural elements flow throughout the space as a lighting element.

All About the Covet Awards Contestants (Part IV)

Since the interior design is base on the concept of family ancestry, the stand out of the design project is the reception sculpture which represents the family tree in an abstract way. This design element is supposed to simulate the concept of lineage.

In the modern building structure, we can find specific interconnecting components, like warm lighting and soft textures, that transmit a comfortable surround for the guests.



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