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Vangardist: a Magazine with HIV Positive Infused Ink

Would you ever buy a magazine printed with HIV positive infused ink? Now, you might be thinking, is someone doing that? Well, yes! Vienna-based Vangardist Magazine has recently released a limited-edition printed issue, the campaign was created together with Saatchi & Saatchi, and the main goal was aware people about real facts about the nature of the virus and the widespread social stigma that is unfortunately still associated with it. That’s why today Interior Design Magazine is featuring Vangardist — a Magazine with HIV Positive Infused Ink. Check it out!

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A Magazine with HIV positive infused ink

The blood-printed copies of the magazine were then released in a plastic transparent resealable pouch for legal reasons and also in order to confront readers with the choice of actually getting in touch with the magazine.

A Magazine with HIV positive infused ink

The whole gesture is meant to bring awareness about the reality behind how the HIV virus can actually be transmitted, the message being that it is as safe to touch a person infected with HIV as it is to touch a magazine printed with the blood of such a person.

A Magazine with HIV positive infused ink

The project was called HIV Heroes only the front covers of some 3000 copies of the issue have been printed with the blood-infused ink, while another 15,000 copies have been printed using conventional ink. For the printing of the limited edition issues, the blood of three donors was used, which was treated at the University of Innsbruck so that it would pose no threat for contamination.

A Magazine with HIV positive infused ink

A Magazine with HIV positive infused ink

A Magazine with HIV positive infused ink

Check out the video to get to know more about this project!

Would you buy the magazine? What do you think about this idea?

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